Forum for Interfaith Dialogue

The Forum for Interfaith Dialogue was established by the Contact Group for Muslims and Christians in Denmark (consisting of elected representatives of the Muslim Council of Denmark and the National Council of Churches in Denmark) together with the Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue.  

It represented continuation of the interfaith dialogue initiated between Denmark and the Arab World in 2012. This first happened at the Beirut Conference in May 2012, where 50 Christian and Muslim representatives from Denmark, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Jordan met at the Danish-Arab Dialogue Conference in Beirut, Lebanon. Here, they discussed what can be said together with a common voice on issues of faith, ethics, religious freedom, coexistence, and dialogue across cultures.

The conference promoted a better understanding between Christians and Muslims through focusing on common values across religious and cultural differences. The conference confirmed that dialogue is crucial to strengthen cooperation and to gain mutual respect between religions. It created space for sharing experiences of local, national and international co-existence in peace, harmony and love. The themes were discussed through lectures, plenary sessions and group discussions inspired by the key question “What can we say together?”

The participants adopted a common statement on issues of faith in God, ethics, religious freedom, and the role of religions across continents with a promise of commitment to promote a culture of dialogue and equity. 

Read the full Beirut Statement.

At the Copenhagen Conference in September 2012 the participants went a step further addressing the key question “How can we move beyond words towards a committed partnership between Muslims and Christians?” Here they discussed relations between people of different confessions in local contexts and the necessity of appreciating one another and advocating the interests and the rights of each other.

With examples from both Europe and the Arab world the participants looked at how it would be possible to benefit from best practices and shared experiences of partnerships between Muslims and Christians that have paved the way for religious inclusion and a sense of common values and goals.

Read the full Copenhagen Statement

Management of the forum has now been passed on to Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue (FDCD), operating under Danish-Arab Interfaith Dialogue (DAID). In this online Forum for Interfaith Dialogue religious leaders, scholars and activists working in the field are invited to present themselves and their work, inform others about new developments in their organizations, and share experiences and ideas related to interfaith practices.

The aim of the forum is to uphold communication between Muslims and Christians in Denmark and the Arab world and move beyond statements to concrete partnerships. This is done by sharing stories and articles with examples of best practices in the different national contexts and from there formulate topics to be addressed in subsequent initiatives.



You may contact our dialogue coordinator at info@fdcd.org and learn more about FDCD at fdcd.org.